The San Vincenti estate is located in the municipality of Gaiole in Chianti,
in the heart of the historically most ancient part of Chianti,
30 kilometres from Siena.
This is a typical winegrowing area that boasts a strong commitment
to the production of extraordinarily high-quality wines.

San Vincenti (St.Vincent), the protector of fields,
vineyards and wine-makers,
portrayed in ecclesiastic iconography holding a bunch of grapes in his hand,
is the patron saint of the small hamlet
that rises up near the vineyard.


Just how special this area is for the production of wine
is aptly expressed by oenologist Carlo Ferrini
who has always closely followed the San Vincenti wine production:
"...the only thing you could do to such a good wine, produced in this vineyard, from these grapes...would be to spoil it...".

So much work, so much energy has been invested in this land
which thanks to its strong vocation has so much to offer:
60 hectares in the heart of Chianti, spread over a sand and marl terrain
at an altitude ranging between 350 and 450 metres above sea level.